Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yup, this is in reference to the tv series. WOAH. John and I just watched last week's episode (which got slightly spoiled for me when I accessed Facebook the day after and a person made reference to a tragedy which had occurred in that episode...) - and then, just now, finished yesterday's episode.

So much to put your mind around - and I think there's a certain "cosmic mystery" in and of itself in how an hour's worth of tv can seem to fly by in mere handful of minutes.

I'm not happy at all it will be ending, but what a run it's been......

(And, on a sidenote - you all missed one doozy of a blogpost I wrote and then deleted earlier this afternoon. It contained opinions and a certain attitude that didn't pass the "edification" test and had the power to do much more damage than good. If you could perhaps keep me in prayer regarding patience and keeping the "eternal perspective" in mind....I'd really appreciate it!)

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