Monday, May 10, 2010


Re-entry is never easy. The first half of the day totally stunk. Fortunately, because jet lag was in our favor, we actually all woke up easy enough today - and I wasn't sleep-deprived like it was with Hawaii. While the extra time had me whizzing through the chores, it unfortunately left me extra sulky.

The kids made it off to school and that left me with unpacking. I had the luxury of having the day to myself, but honestly, I found myself repetitively back at the computer, reviewing pictures and thinking "What do I do now when I'm not obsessed with planning for this vacation?" The answer to that question was mostly eating. Darn it anyway that Kaela and Julie left us a whole pan of brownies......! (And, no, I haven't weighed yet to see how much damage I did.....I'm pretty sure it will reach double digits).

The day finally turned a bit when I got myself out of the house and ran into Christy at the store. She filled me on all of the details I've missed with our upcoming (on Saturday morning) Womens' Football Clinic. While it was a bit overwhelming, it was perfect to find something beyond my own pouty-ness to concentrate on - and even moreso when we "organizers" of the event all met later this afternoon.

The promotional video that was put together while we were gone turned out amazing. We asked Walt to do it, and I think that guy is going to get way more requests than he ever wanted from folks in the church as everyone was blown away when it was shown on Sunday. If I can figure out how to link it, I'll do that. You will all love it, for sure. It's so great to be able to join the college community with some of the church needs.... there is so much incredible talent in those students, that is largely untapped.

So, tomorrow - back to the gym, positive eating habits, and hopefully a routine that feels normal again. It really is good to be home. It's good to focus beyond whatever is going to provide the most entertainment for the day - and instead, to focus just a bit more on other people.


sara said...

I think you can call it a GREAT vacation when re-entry is hard!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it's going okay...God gave you a little sunshine to help ease the pain. :) I feel for the kids having to go back to school, too!

I know you hate laundry, and that must logically follow the unpacking...keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

BTW totally love the new blog border, although I think you could have left Mickey up a little longer, too...

kleephotos said...
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