Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trinity House Formal

If I miss some punctuation, forgive me on this post. I've been pulling some sleep hours that by most standards aren't extreme, but for me.....well, it results in me not functioning at 100%. I need to get it together- we have a bar-b-q for about a dozen or so college students, and then a gathering with the Quigs family to celebrate (mourn) the finale of "Lost". No time for naps.

However, given this current state of mind, it's no surprise that my first attempts at a homemade peach, strawberry-rhubarb, and marionberry sour cream pie, just might not turn out right. While I was accidentally smearing egg over the top of the peach crust instead of the strawberry rhubarb at six this morning, I figured, oh well! There's always Rice Krispie treats if these don't turn out. (Will is turning tomorrow...hence part of the reason for the bbq - and with him having an affinity towards pie, it motivated my inner "Betty Crocker")

For sure, John is sleep deprived too. I have no idea when he finally gave in last night after trying to review and upload over 1200 images from the Trinity House's Formal last night. We were asked to return as photographers (well, he was - I'm just the groupie). This time, the setting was at the Meltebeke house - situated right along a canal just next to Autzen Stadium. We are very familiar with this location as we walk through it for every home football game as he kindly lets us park there. Fortunately for the Trinity House, one of their residents just happens to be his granddaughter - hence the connection. (The family are also amazing contributors to our church in so many capacities).

We were also blessed, that, for the most part, the monsoon weather we've been having lately broke up for the evening. We also got some amazing sun breaks. However, it was very, very cold (particularly for this time of year). So, by the time we made it home last night, my fingers were literally losing can imagine how those poor girls posing must have felt.

John has only uploaded the first 200 onto Facebook at this point, so I stole some this morning to get this post going. I'll add much more later, but figured these would set the scene.

First up, the happy duck family. I saw these guys first off and had it been me with the camera, I might have ignored the people and followed these guys all night! So cute, and yes, Daddy Mallard was around too, he flew in for an appearance later....

We are constantly trying to get these college students to come up with "great and creative poses" with each other (which they really achieved this year) and yet, John and I are really flunk-ees when it comes to that......oh well.......

This is Katy and John Mark - two upstanding people (both significant in helping us with the Football 100 event, so they get extra high marks). They are just friends, and as such, just cracked us up with their poses. And to hear Katy laugh - which is so funny it sounds like it can't be her natural laugh, well - she laughs often and because of that, just being around her makes you smile so much!

One of the perks of the night was the opportunity to ride in one of two drift boats. How romantic, huh? This is Caitlin and Joe - they came early to take a LOT of pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if they were soon used to commemorate a particular decision that could be made on behalf of their relationship....... =)

This was another favorite setting for John - and Nick and Shannon were the perfect guinea pigs to test it out. Love this couple too!

More to come, but I'll probably hold off on much more individual image commentary. While we didn't stick around for the dance portion - what we saw was a huge, resounding success!

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