Monday, May 03, 2010

The "Schitelys" at TGIF

Given we got a rather early departure in from our day's entertainment activity (Blizzard Beach), we decided to go out for dinner at the local TGIF. (We don't have one where we live - just up in Portland). A couple of years ago, we came up with the group name of "Schitely's" - that "I" is a long "I" - a combination of the names: Schillings-Whites-Rileys. So, when calling to make reservations, we dared John to go ahead and use the name. He repeated it four times to the person on the other line - much to the hysterical laughter of Travis and I as we were listening to him. To make it even funnier, he left out the "C" when spelling it (completely innocently) and paused before getting to the "ELY". John was really not trying to get a laugh, but we were so childishly amused over the whole thing.....

We all really enjoyed our meals. Our server was fantastic, and just happened to be the son of the person who played the character of the Manta "teacher" in "Finding Nemo, the Musical" at Animal Kingdom (which we saw). Having an entertaining personality must run in the family.In addition to the server, Ellie also did her part. She was enamored with Travis and Stephie and clung to them all evening - telling stories and opting to ride in their vehicle. Good grief, that girl is one of a kind.
I couldn't resist throwing this shot in of the girl cousins.....ahhhh

For those of you who have been concerned or even praying for my headaches, I'm so thrilled to tell you that it hasn't been an issue since Saturday night. So, since the point that we've "hit the parks" - the headache hasn't been there. Well, except for the time that I ducked down in the Peter Pan ride to arrange my belongings and the safety bar - which automatically descended - hit me in the head and squashed me down. That was kind of silly! (But, fortunately, more funny than painful). My only other ailment is the spot between my big toe and the next toe that was rubbed raw from wearing new sandals (good athletic sandals.....) to Animal Kingdom. What a dumb dumb!

So, thank you for those of you that lifted that huge burden up (regarding the headache). While my voice has yet to completely return, and my squeals aren't even capable of making noise on the roller coaster (I've taken to whistling and clapping!) - we are really having the time of our lives!


j.nelson said...

1.) Kaela and are giggling at the visuals we are having.. with you being squashed.. and only because you said you thought it was more funny than hurtful. And replaying John's reservation phone call. .BAH HAH.
2.) Mikayla looks so old in the cousin pic
3.) And "dumb dumb" ... love the words.

Kaela and I are sitting at "home" watching couples retreat, eating popcorn and kickin up our feet. Love ya guys!

- much love Julie and Kaela.

Ladybug grandma said...

Thank you, other Stephanie, for the pics and updates. You would think that, that fancy Droid phone could actually make phone calls. Keep on having fun and posting great photos.. I will continue to pray that everyone stays healthy!