Friday, May 07, 2010

Typhoon Lagoon

Today, we hit Disney's other water park, "Typhoon Lagoon". Unlike Blizzard Beach, this location had plenty of very tropical decor - and had a constant stream of Beach Boys hits on the speakers reminding you of just how relaxed you ought to be - either hitting the 6 foot waves in the wave pool (only body-surfing, they weren't doing the surfboard thing today) - or riding one of the multiple intertube rides.

The story goes that this location resulted from a massive typhoon which left the skipper's ship high and dry on top of a mountain. Every hour or so, a blowhorn would sound and water would plummet out of the ship and down the mountain.

This is a picture of this park's lazy river. Don't look for anyone you know - I just snapped it from the bridge randomly.

While body-surfing one of the waves, Mikayla got hit in the mouth and her braces caused her lip to bleed. In order to make her feel better, we got a "bucket" of ice cream. Given that thing fed these three girls and Michele and I - it turned into the cheapest snack we've purchased yet from Disney!

Not a bad shot of Michael - catching some rays!

Our handsome little guy.....

And these two pictures contrast the wave pool - without and then with the six foot waves.

I kind of thought my beach towel summed up the general feelings of the week....... =)


Anonymous said...

OK, Steph, it may be sunny and almost 70 here today, but you are killing us with the people stretched out in lawn chairs...I can feel those warm rays sinking my dreams!!

That must take some amazingly large and powerful equipment to make waves like that - and that ship perched on a mountain - impressive!

HollieHobbie said...

Tell me about that "bucket of ice cream". It looks sooo fun!
We have never been to Typhoon Lagoon, but it looks like we will need to make it one of our stops the next time we are there :)