Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Ride that Finally Did Me In.......

Are you ready for it? The elevator here at our hotel......! And, let me just say that it's a good thing we've been here for a while and that I knew that there was a trash can immediately to the right upon exiting on the sixth floor!

To back up a bit, last night, following our adventures at Typhoon Lagoon, we ventured to Disneyworld's "Boardwalk" area for dinner at ESPN's Club. John had talked it up to Brayden, so Travis, Michele and her girls joined us. The food was very good and Brayden got his chance at the spotlight by being interviewed by the guy that did the "show" there every night.

Earlier, however, I knew I had overdone it. When you are prone to headaches, you know the triggers - and one surefire trigger is overexertion/overheating. I'd hit the overheating for sure at Typhoon Lagoon. I remained optimistic though, and figured with a little downtime, a shower, and catching it early enough with medication, I'd be good to go. Well, let's just say that mixing the meal at ESPN with that last strategy is probably what put me over the edge- and even as we were walking out to the vehicle in route to Downtown Disney for some shopping, I was thinking in my head "I wonder if it would be kosher for me to just sleep in the backseat while they shopped?" (Nevermind that it was 90 degrees outside). Fortunately, John caught on to how lousy I felt and drove Mikayla, Ellie, and I home. As we drove, I felt steadily worse - until finally - hitting the elevator - finding a mom and young son aboard, needing to stop on floor 4, and wondering, "Am I gonna make it?". Well, theoretically, I suppose I did, given I actually got off of the elevator first. Yuck! But, hey, as we all know, in circumstances like that, a person feels SO MUCH BETTER when it's over.

So, now, here it is 6:55 am on Saturday - our last day here. Tomorrow, we all leave around 7am from Orlando's airport - so you can bet we are going to try to make the very best out of this day. I will try to drink a lot more water, that's for sure, because, today, I don't want to miss out on any of it!

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