Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sometimes, it just boggles my mind as to how two different people, experiencing the same exact situation, can come away with such completely different perceptions as to the the reality of the circumstance.

I just had the second meeting I've had in less than four months dealing with a scenario like this. In both circumstances, I have been "indirectly involved". The drama has unfolded because of other triggers, but because a line has been drawn, I have been unwittingly involved.

Both situations are completely different from each other, but both have been a direct result from being involved in some sort of ministry activity. Which is probably the only reason I have been strong enough to survive two "confrontations" (as that is such a dreadful occurrence for me), because I know if I weren't willing, it would only serve the enemy, and lead to even more division.

I have to say that the other commonality is that much of the conflict of both of these situations boils down to two different people's perception of reality - and it being a chasm apart. So much so, that as you listen, you shake your head and go, "that's not what I was led to believe AT ALL".

Walking away today, myself and the two others who arrived with me both shook our heads wondering if we'd just witnessed the "Alternative Reality" on "Lost" as it was so crazy how the information we'd been fed from one source varied so completely from the other source. It was the same way several months ago too.

All I can say, is that: 1) I'm glad I'm not one of those "sources", 2) I'm glad I am not responsible for getting to the bottom of what the truth is, 3) I'm glad I've done my part to seek restoration, and 4) I'm glad it's over. Because situations like these can really play with a person's head - and if you dwell too long, can really begin corrupting the heart. All part of the enemy's gameplan...........


sara said...

these are the parts of ministry that make it so hard....yet strengthen us as we see God work. praying for you!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that makes me start to doubt the truth * I * think I see and wonder how distorted my own views are. Well, let's just say, I'm learning to accept that truth is relative, including mine! That's when you have to shake in a good dose of grace, and pray for discernment - two things you'd think people in ministry would be able to do, wouldn't you?