Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thoughts on "Lost" (Spoiler Alert)

Whew, just watched the finale of "LOST". In terms of what I was expecting regarding how they ended it all - I wasn't super surprised with the direction they went. But, in terms of how they wrapped up each character's story lines, I gotta admit, I had a whole lot more tears than I expected. And, since "Lost" became so much more about the redemption and relationships between the characters, for me, I am very satisfied.

I do suspect that the ending will become a hotpoint for spiritual debate. Even listening to Jimmy Kimmel say (in reference to the ending of "Lost") that "many religions, including Christianity require a testing in this lifetime, if you are good you are going to Heaven, [and so on]......" - yeah, there's a "cringer" for me to listen to. For sure, that seems to be a widely held belief (so, like I said, no surprise that that's the direction the show went), so, as such, I'm not offended by the ending. However, c'mon Jimmy Kimmel - don't throw Christianity into that mix when the very core of Christianity proclaims that not one of us would end up passing that test without the sacrifice of Jesus. - (And, NO, there's no way that the very flawed character of Jack - and the sacrifice he made is even close to the same ballpark....)

So, there you go. My take on "Lost". In terms of Hollywood entertainment, what an amazing achievement that show was. But, I gotta say, in terms of basing my life of its message - woah, so thankful I don't have to meet and conquer the smoke monster to make it to "the other side"!

P.S. - I'm so glad Dennis, Lisa, and the kids came over, it was perfect to end it all watching with them. Although, I gotta admit, when I was streaming with tears over Sawyer and Juliette, I found myself trying to maneuver myself so that Dennis couldn't see me and chastise my "girlie" break-downs!


sara said...

yep, a lot more tears than I expected too! I really enjoyed the finale and wish I could walk away thinking about how good it was (because it was), but I found myself through out the recap and finale awaiting some explanation of where Walt was and what happened to him. If the MIB uses the bodies of those that died (ie Christian) then did Walt die and that is why he came back to some? And what about Michael? Then came the questions of what the numbers meant.

So I guess LOST stayed true to itself up to the end......never answering ALL the questions!

StephieAnne said...

Yeah, the numbers - and Walt.......I know. I'll have to just start adopting theories at this point, just to settle it all in my mind.