Monday, April 26, 2010

Winema 2010

There are so many pictures that I wanted to include that there is no way I can label and identify them all. (Actually, given Kaela not only took most of these pictures, but had the patience to upload over 1000 images and TAG them on Facebook, I have no excuses....but packing for Orlando is a better use of my time right now). Anyway, I'll give a grand summary....

Fun times, beach times, friend times, baptism times, kid times with all sorts of different college students....even a few shots showing some couple time. Most of all a magnificent time where the presence of God was experienced loud and clear!


cjoy said...

What great times!
Have a blast at Disney....I totally wish I was going!!

sara said...

oh my word it looks like fun!!!

I love the picture of the guy being flipped on the beach. you can see the sand flying off his shoe!!! great pic!

have a fantabulous time in Disney!!!