Monday, April 19, 2010

Mikayla's First Spring Soccer Game

On Saturday, Mikayla had her first spring soccer game. It is a seven game season, and wouldn't you know it, but because of our trip to the coast next weekend and our trip to Orlando, Mikayla's missing four of the games. Oh well, watching her play any games is a lot of fun - and just getting her out of the house exercising three times a week is a plus too.

In addition, we have had an added bonus this year in that Brayden requested that he be able to help out the coach for her team. As he's not playing a spring sport, that works for us - and keeps him busy too. After he asked the coach to help for that first practice, we received a phone call from the coach who praised all of Brayden's efforts and his character for being so willing as a fifth grader to help a group of second grade girls (including his own sister). Way to go Brayden - and certainly a departure from their constant arguing.

Despite Brayden's extra expertise assistance, the girls ended up losing. As it's pretty much the same team as the fall team, these girls are just too nice, and not nearly aggressive enough to be winning.....But, I'll take it any day, as Mikayla's smile just keeps on shining.

Thanks again, Kaela, for the pics - and even more, for coming with Walt to support the kids - Between you guys and Mom, Dad, Michele and the kiddos - what a fan club!

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j.nelson said...

okay seriously you two.. (i know this is a post about mikayla..) BUT OMY you two are looking freaking good! keep it up.