Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Super-Great Weekend

This weekend has been just what I'd hoped for. Sunny, relaxed - but with plenty of things to do to keep us all occupied. The Schilling family has been down, and the Whites have been here much of the time too - so the "Orlando Anticipation" has been very high. We're all a bit giddy. This is actually the last weekend we'll all be together before we leave - as our family is heading to the college group's retreat to the beach next weekend. Yesterday, Michele and I did our "pre-trip" visit to Target - and both of us have had, at different times, mounds of clothes strewn all over the living room- anticipating getting it all packed into suitcases. The latest round of "clothes take-over" would all be Michael's - as he and Michele just returned from their first joint shopping trip for clothes for him in four years. Michele isn't quite sure what happened to her hubby - or whose husband she ended up with - as Michael took quite in interest in trendy styles while shopping and had a lot of fun with her. Currently, both men are out together at the mall - looking for a money clip for Michael, and perhaps - a couple pairs of shorts for Michele and I. Yes, we're spoiled with VERY GOOD men. =)

Based on the pictures from Friday - the kids and I had a good day - but I didn't elaborate that part of the day was special due to the visit by Kaela and Julie to use my residence as their car wash. I'm not sure what happened, but last time Julie came over to use my hose to wash her car, she proceeded to wash my car too. (What a deal, huh?!) But, this time, instead of that, they not only used my stuff, but used my kids as their slave labor too - and IGNORED my vehicle. What gives with that, huh? I'm just kidding, just having their company - and clearly delighting my kids, totally warmed my heart. =)

(Thanks Kaela, for all of the great images - and for those soon to come of Mikayla's soccer game!)

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