Tuesday, April 06, 2010

CeleBRAYDing Number Eleven

Brayden got double celebration honors today as he got both breakfast and dinner out. Breakfast was at Denny's - we arrived there at 6:10 am (um, yes, we obviously love that kid to do such a thing) - and then, this evening we hit Applebees with Travis and Stephie in tow.

Brayden was beyond excited to get to his gifts and cards - both the one from us and the Whites were "sound" cards - and with the noise in the restaurant it was hard to hear without leaning in.

There's a reason we head to these same old restaurants - we know what to expect. The food, the atmosphere - good times. However, tonight came something we did NOT expect. Prior to our food arriving, a gentleman came to our table to greet Brayden and remark about his birthday that we assumed was the restaurant manager. He began to banter with Brayden - joke around with him, and before we knew it, he was astonishing us with magic tricks. First, it was one dollar bills turning into twenty dollar bills - and then rubber bands that incredulously passed through one another.

Then, came the cards - and with them, more humor. Eventually, he had Brayden sign a card - and that card began appearing everywhere - ultimately, folded up in his wallet. Are you kidding me!?!

When we asked him to return to our table to give us a business card (it turns out he works at the Applebees on Tuesday nights and other restaurants on other evenings....and, hmmmmm, does birthday parties......) - he gave us a big spiel on how the other siblings often feel left out on birthdays and how Mikayla deserves something too. So, he folded a napkin into a rose and made it light up inside.....she was very impressed.

To top off the most entertaining evening we've ever had at Applebees came Brayden's hot fudge sundae.

Immediately following dinner, we hightailed it across the parking lot to Target and Brayden used all of his accumulated gift cards and saved up money to get the personal gaming system he's been longing for. It's one of those things where it wouldn't be my first choice on how to spend the money, but they were his gift cards and his efforts saving, so, we gave him our blessing. (And, let's not ignore the fact that this particular item will probably keep him quite happy on the long plane ride to Orlando in a few weeks.)

So, there you go. Happy Birthday Brayden! We couldn't be prouder to have you as our son.


stephietoo said...

Happy birthday, Brayden! Thank you for letting us celebrate it with you. Hart was AMAZING at Applebee's- He is so personable, funny and very talented. It was a great time. Love you Brayden!

StephieAnne said...

The magician's website is www.hartkeene.com - just an FYI for anyone interested in visiting a restaurant he is at or booking a party with him.

And, thanks, Whites for joining us. I'm so glad you are part of our family.

P.S. - Did you catch in that first picture how you can see my hand going for the whip cream in Brayden's shake? Probably shouldn't admit that publicly here on the blog, but it cracked me up!

stephietoo said...

HA That's the first thing I said to Travis when I looked at the post. :o) Cracked me up, too!

Anonymous said...

chele said...
Happy Birthday Nephew! We love you so much and we're so very proud of you! It sounds like you had a fabulous evening out - I'm sure the kids will be eager to check out all of your new toys!

cjoy said...

What a cool and happy birthday he had! He'll never forget that one!

Shannonlynn said...

Braden is so cute. Tell him happy birthday for me! I miss you and your family a lot but i hope everything is going well for you. Im not too far away from Eugene anymore. If you have read my blog i am at the YWAM Salem base. I hope to see you soon and that all is going well!