Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monopolizing the Conversations

Yesterday, I got my hair done - yippee! I wish I could afford to have it done more often, but generally I only indulge a couple of times a year.

Because the person I've gone to for about 7 or so years left the salon recently, my appointment got rescheduled with a young gal new to Bello. (That would be the name of the hair salon). So, it was a little bit of a dive for me to trust that she'd do what I want and that I'd like her personality, but it turned out to be very much worth the risk.

While my hair is very "stripe-y", John loves all the blond highlights, and I think I'm happy with the change too. The whole appointment lasted 3 hours and 45 minutes. When it comes to someone tending to my hair, I SOOOO don't have a problem with it lasting longer than expected. The "pampering" was wonderful. Christine, the stylist, was also wonderful. Young, super-sweet, and interactive - I felt just a little bit guilty talking her ear off for the majority of the time. But, even before the color had revealed itself after the foils were removed and hair dried, I'd already decided I'd be returning again, just because I like her so much.

Then, later on, last night, we had Walt and Kaela over for a bar-b-q. Silly Walt had mentioned to Kaela that he'd enjoy hanging with the Rileys sometime, so he ended up with this:

Fortunately, the kids ended up all going over to Amy's house, which was super great as it gave us time to hang out with Kaela and Walt without their distraction. Which really meant, that for the second time yesterday, I was partly involved in monopolizing the conversation. John and I detailed many of our major "Riley" stories. I'm pretty sure we TMI'd the poor guy, but then again, John and I tend to do that often with the college students. (We like to see them blush and also prove that being married isn't then end of life that's fun and exciting.....).

So, that was my day yesterday - overall, a lot of fun, but maybe twinged with a bit of guilt for not letting my friends get much of a word in edgewise. =)


cjoy said...

i want to see the hair! =D

sara said...

me too! where are the pictures?!!