Thursday, April 29, 2010

Managing Expectations

We are here in the Portland Airport hotel, watching "Survivor" - set to take the shuttle at 6:30 in the morning for the airport. Life is good.

The last two nights prior to today - John and I have both ended up awake in the wee hours....... Wednesday our "party" went from about 2:30 to 4:00. John worked on his computer while I did the final packing into the actual suitcases. We watched "Chuck" together, it was super cozy.

Last night, I went to bed very early - quite certain my body would want to sleep all the way through. Nope, 1:30am, I'm wide awake.

The fact that it was past midnight was very significant for me though. You see, I've been on the Atkins Diet for 31 days....and officially, today, it is done for the duration of the vacation. For the record - I lost 12 pounds - and anticipate gaining at least 2/3rds of that back in the next 10 days! =) That's the way the cookie crumbles.....and oh, how I've missed cookies, and cereal, and Russian Tea, and the zucchini bread that I ended up baking around 2am today. =)

Once again, John joined me in our "middle of the night" preparations. In fact, he never went back to bed - and instead took care of work issues so he'd be able to leave around 2pm today.

Getting back to that title - the concept of expectations, and setting our hopes on things we can't control has really been big on my heart lately. Whether it's the weather, how well the scales (don't) reflect the efforts I've been making, or the fact that I woke up today with Mikayla's cold (and sound like Phoebe in that "Friends" episode where she had the husky voice singing "Smelly Cat")- I'm really trying to pray in alignment with First Thessalonians 5:16 exulting us to rejoice always, praying without ceasing, and give thanks for everything.

Today, as I was drumming through my "to-do" list, actually wondering what I might do with the extra hour I might have, I set to begin vacuuming my car at the car wash only to realize the door just shut, locking my keys, purse and cell phone inside. Hmmmmm...... Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of John and he was my "knight in shining armor" within about 30 minutes. But, in the meantime, it gave me a chance to think. I found myself rejoicing that, in a day of wild weather, it did not rain until after John returned with my keys. It gave me time to pray - to stop and sit for a while. And, I found myself thankful that if indeed this cold affects my sinuses, which led to such bad headaches last time around - that, given I've had a couple great weeks of VERY minimal headaches, my body should be responsive to painkillers if necessary on this vacation.

Prior to embarking on such a "BIG VACATION" - the anticipation is such fun - because the sky is the limit as to the fun you can imagine having. But, once we're on the road, officially on our way- I recognize just how crucial it is to keep the expectations in check - because it doesn't take much to feel like I'm wasting time during the very experience I have hoped and wished for for so long. Brayden has so much energy right now - so OTTER-like, so playful - and theoretically this is the time I should be engaging with him instead of asking for the 18th time for him to "tone it down". (Seriously, even as I'm typing!)

I think I'm due for a really good night's sleep.....glad our flight is at 9am versus any earlier. Hopefully, now that we are really at the hotel, the whole "I'm just too excited to sleep" syndrome will abate! Cuz, we're here. Ready or not, Orlando - here we come!!!!!


stephietoo said...

We're right behind you!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow night in ORLANDO!! Love ya!

j.nelson said...

Ah Steph. It is slightly funny to be reading this while I'm stuck between two big brown bean bags, fire roaring, "that" candle burning, t.v humming in the background, and too content to move - all in your house.

This is going to be the best not so getaway getaway! :)

Mark it, first night for the Riley Retreat = better than expectations (hope "the cookie crumbles" the same for you tomorrow night in Orlando!)

Miss you guys! Much Love.