Thursday, April 08, 2010

Odds and Ends

Greetings everyone! I hope this week has been good for you - it's been a 180 for me since last week - huge praise to God for that one.

First up, a story that happened on Easter afternoon. It was one of those things that happened that I thought, "wait 'til my blog family hears about this one!" I went to take a bath, something I do frequently and very much enjoy as a "book reading retreat". As is normal, I light a candle and position myself so I'm backed up against the wall and read away while a small stream of new hot water cascades over me. After about 10 minutes of tranquility, I started to small something vaguely familiar and really nasty - something burning........OMIGOSH! That's my hair!!!! Burning in the candle (stupidly positioned at the wrong place in the tub)!!!!!!!!!! It's a good thing my nose wasn't as stopped up at that point, because, truly, the smell was the only indicator there was a problem.

So, I thinned out my hair a bit in the back - which doesn't appear to be an issue (though it's the back of my hair, so it's hard to tell......). I have very thick hair so it shouldn't be too bad. I am so excited to have a hair appt. on Monday, I bet the gal who will be doing my hair will get quite a kick out of this one!

Next up, Sydney is happy again as she's been invited to ride with me again. I was waiting for the all weather mats to bring her back. She likes to sit in the front seat - but the sensor gets very angry that she doesn't wear her seat belt and beeps at us constantly. So, we had to attach it behind her to solve the problem. =)

Finally, a set of three pictures of Brayden's official birthday cake. This set came from Grandma Liupakka for Christmas and Brayden begged to use it for his birthday. We used a brownie mix and did it Tuesday night and frosted it yesterday with the cream cheese frosting (it even has a filling of that too). As I'm working really hard to drop the pounds before Orlando, I passed on it, but looked so good. Brayden and Jack verified that it tasted oh so good too. Thanks Grandma!

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cjoy said...

I'm so glad your nose was working, too! That could have been really bad if you didn't smell it....