Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today I got to accompany Brayden's class to Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (aka OMSI). It was a GREAT day for a field trip - blue skies, ideal destination, and the kick-off to a 3 day weekend as there is no school tomorrow.

I rode up with three neat gals - Jack's mom, Kristen, and then two other moms of fifth graders. It was fun having "Mom Time" chatting it up for the two hour drive there and back.

I also have to say that the day was enhanced by being the leader to a super group of four boys. Brayden, his buddy Nick, fellow basketball player, Michael, and fellow football player, Spencer. The pictures show them ranging from the life science, to the earth science, to the space exhibit, down to the physical science realms of the museum.

This next picture is of Brayden and I - and let me tell that my camera had the color all washed out, so what I came up with is not "true coloring" - just in case you were looking at my hair thinking, "I don't see what she wasted her money on!" =)
And, finally, this is a picture of Brayden with the school principal, Mr. Nelson. I love this guy. What an ABSOLUTE change from the previous principal who I personally took part in writing a letter to have her "re-assigned". Yes, it was that bad. In contrast, Gig (Mr. Nelson) is so personable, so warm - and so engaged - and he makes an effort to be part of the kids' lives. Even if it means spending half of his day with us at OMSI and then driving across Portland to the zoo where the third graders were. I'm so thankful Gig is the one now in charge of our school.

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