Saturday, April 03, 2010

Playdates for Everyone

Thank you for the kind words that were offered on my post at the beginning of this week. I'm feeling much more energetic and much less apathetic, thank God.

Upon picking Mikayla up from school yesterday, her and Kenady ambushed me with a request for a sleepover. We said "yes", and would pick Kenady up around 5:30 after running some family errands. In the meantime, that gave Brayden the chance to get a hold of his buddy, Nick - and arrange to have him come over as well. It would be a full house as we had already planned to have Travis, Stephie and Bogey over last night too. That way, everyone got a playdate - even the dogs.

Last night was one of the first times I realized how much a bigger house would help things. John had created with a big tarp a fort in the bonus room for the boys - so they could play on the video system or watch tv and kind of be in their own little world. Well, that basically eliminated the kitchen and bonus room for use. We adults camped out in the living room - and the girls - well, they were limited to the hallway and bedrooms for their play. At one point, we had them stuff the huge bean bags down there and do the jumping in the narrow passage. Eventually, they took a computer into Mikayla's bed and FINALLY settled down.

In general, I'm quite content with our house size. I like the lay out - and it's cozy - but on days when it's raining - yeah, having a full gym in here would be helpful. =)

Who'd have thought that on a night with all that company, I'd actually be able to sleep in - but I did - and they did - and after a yummy breakfast, we'll be taking them home soon and back to our own little family of 4 (or 5 if you count Syd!) by noon.

As I will probably not post again until the end of the day tomorrow, I wanted to send out blessings to you all for a magnificent Easter celebration..........

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