Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bringing Your "A" Game

With only 8 days left before we depart, emotions are high around here. However, as we all know, hanging on to the "happy high" for extended periods of time is very, very difficult. So, as a result, occasionally those emotions take a nose dive -

That happened yesterday morning. I feel like I've been working overtime trying to keep the house clean, get organized, and oh yes, lose those last five pounds. When, the kids, the tasks, and the scales sabotaged me, for sure, my attitude stunk. There's no point for it when I look at the big picture, but these are the things that sink that happy spirit.

That is, until.....I found "It's a Small World" recorded on a Disney Mania album (on I-Tunes) - and listened to it for the first time while working out. It's a rap version and it literally had me breaking into smile in the workout room. "Everybody get your smile going on" is one of the recurring lyrics - and I just couldn't help but follow their advice.

Attitude - what a daily battle. We are finding Brayden is really struggling with this too - hence the title of this post. He has a "Muscle Systems" report due - along with a 3D project and poster. Technically, it is due the week after we return, but there is no way I'm going to return from Florida only to deal with that depressing deadline. Brayden is also participating in a 5th grade musical next Tuesday. Surprisingly, he has one of the lead roles - so once again, "A Game" needed. So, instead, when I discover yesterday morning he not only hadn't completed his homework but left a sheet at school (which he was able to complete before school started) - we had a bit of a "Pep Talk" on the way to school. (And, of course, that pep talk included the way the kids treat each other and how I CAN'T STAND their arguing, and won't waste all of my enthusiasm prior to this trip listening to their negativity to each other....broken record.......)

So, eight more days. We can do it. And, if, in a week - the scales still aren't nice, the house isn't spotless, and perhaps I've forgotten something in packing (that can purchased easily enough at the Target in Orlando) - we will still be leaving for our dream vacation. And, if that alone isn't enough to keep me positively focused, I'm not sure what would ever do it! =)

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