Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting the Issues Out of the Way BEFORE We Leave This Time

The last major travel vacation we took was in 2008 when we went to Maui. It was glorious - but not without its share of hardships. While we were on the trip, Mikayla had strep throat, two very serious ear infections, while Brayden and I both suffered from Pink Eye. (And, that's not even counting the throwing up from sea sickness on the day we sailed around Lanai). We've had a bit of a history with "issues" happening while on our vacations - from Brayden having a stroke in Oahu, to hitting Lake Tahoe at exactly the same time the Angora Fires occurred.

So, as Brayden woke up this morning - near tears - at 5:20, telling me his ear hurt really bad - I'm making a very conscientious decision to NOT procrastinate. As soon as 8am hits, I'll be calling his doctor to get him in. (Brayden's had a cold that has hung on for some time, so it wouldn't surprise me if indeed he is dealing with something - not to mention both kids seem to have a pretty high pain threshold, so when they are near tears (particularly our little man) - it's time to act). While I'm at it, I'll take Mikayla too. She said one of her ears feels a bit like that - and, once again, no need to take chances.

And, speaking of Mikayla - she got whacked in the forehead yesterday with an aluminum bat. Purty little goose-egg near her hairline. Because Jonna acted so quickly (she was at Kenady's and her little brother accidentally swung his bat too close to Mikayla) - I think the swelling could have been much worse. I googled "head injuries/goose-eggs" last night and am quite assured it's just the telltale swelling and bump as a result of the external head injury - due to all those blood vessels underneath the scalp. As of this morning, you really don't notice it - but, like I said, let's get this out of the way BEFORE we leave.

So, wish us luck as we head to the doc. And let's hope this is it as far as problems go!!!!

Postscript: Went to the doctor, "Raging Ear Infection". So, he's on the "Gold Standard" of antibiotics - to get it healed up before we hit the plane ride. Theoretically, he should have 14 days before traveling, but I think we caught it early enough to not be an issue. No wonder the kid was in so much pain.

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