Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I have to be honest. Sometimes it's really hard to decide what to put in my blog posts - knowing (and especially not knowing!) who all reads it. Sometimes, I think it's just TMI, sometimes, I worry about offending, and often I worry that it will be perceived that I'm using this blog just to brag. I think that's my biggest worry - as I would never want people to think that. I really try my hardest to use this blog to be very honest about our lives - the goods and the bads - so that when this blog is transformed each year into our keepsake books, it becomes somewhat of a journal of our lives along with all of the pictures included.

So, I have hesitated in my mind whether or not to include parts of John's surprise anniversary letter to me this morning in this blog post. But, last night, I attended the Trinity House's meeting and listened to Lisa Q. share her "Quig's List to Being Single", and then the talk turned into a bit of a panel about dating with all sorts of questions about waiting, settling, and standards vs. expectations. In light of all that - and in hopes that each of those beautiful girls will wait for the ABSOLUTE BEST.....I decided to go ahead and include John's words. I want them to know, if they happen to read this blog - that waiting for the right man is SO WORTH IT.

I'm sharing just some of the portions of John's letter - it was left for me this morning, a full page typed. =)

"I wanted to take the time as I was awake at O'Dark:30 this morning and say how much I love you.

When I went to bed last night, I was thinking of all the things you do for me, help me, remind me, serve me, make for me, love me -- oh, I already said that :) teach and guide our kids, love on them, laugh with all of us, make our house a home, plan wonderful vacations -- like Disneyworld in just THREE DAYS, seeking the Lord together, live life dreaming together, loving on college students together, looking over at you (at the retreat) and seeing 5-6 girls wrapped around you at the lunch table, their eyes wide open and ears attentive to every word you have to say -- me smile -- "that's my honey", I say to myself quietly as I admire the one God gave me for my life.

I need you more than ever. You make my life whole, complete lacking nothing because of what Christ does through you. He surely knew what I needed in a wife, confidant, vacation buddy, parenting partner and best friend. He knew the exact person I could cry with, laugh with, do God-sized things with, watch our kids become something great with, minister with and live eternity with -- that is you, my everything.............

I pray that I could be a fraction of a spouse that you are to me. Thank you for choosing me on April 27, 1996. I am forever grateful."

That's only about half of it, but you get the picture. Obviously, the man sees me through rose-colored glasses (and about those girls hanging on every word, it was probably because - once again - I was bordering in TMI stuff....like childbirth stories). But, I think the picture of his love for me - and likewise, my identical feelings towards him is pretty apparent.

And, the fact that all this lovey-dovey stuff is being communicated 14 years into marriage. Wow, pretty awesome. Hang on, you wonderful college girls - the ride with the "right one" can be more incredible than you can imagine!!


cjoy said...

Precious. And a message definitely worth sharing!

ps...be sure you tell Disney you're celebrating your anniversary...they'll give you huge buttons and little surprises may come your way, especially when dining (tell the hostess at any restaurant, too, in case they miss the buttons).

Happy anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! You definitely took one of the good ones off the market, and do did he :)

Anonymous said...

Do did he??

SO did he!