Friday, April 30, 2010

We've Arrived!

We're in Orlando! We're actually quite lucky that we aren't still in Minneapolis as we felt like the family edition of "Amazing Race" trying to catch our connecting flight. "Excuse us, we're trying to catch a flight", we yelled, as we ran down the escalator-style pathways while the overhead announcer called out "last call" for our flight. We are feeling quite blessed that not only did we make it, but so did our luggage.

The Whites should show up at any second - the last of the four sets of us who all flew on different flights, with different connections from Oregon. The Schillings are the room next door, with my parents on the other side of them. The Whites (unfortunately for them), get to share our two bedroom suite. =)

Tomorrow, we'll embark upon Animal Kingdom. The forecast calls for 92 degrees. That's a shocker from our 52 degrees back home. I think I've already gained half of that weight back with all of the indulgences on our flight (so much sweet and salty goodness!) - and I would covet your prayers for this cold I have. The cold and its typical symptoms I can handle, but the way it settles in on the right side of my face....with a dull thud landing at the base of my skull to a headache that doesn't abate - that's not so fun. Fortunately, I found a pretty comfy way to nod off on the plane with an ice pack - and at this current moment, I'm feeling good. I would just really love to not have this be an issue as we are touring the parks - as it really zaps my energy and playful spirit.

On to some pics - taken at the Portland Airport:

This picture was taken after John and Brayden played a game throwing the key card (accidentally taken from the hotel) to a target and scoring their points based on where it landed. I was laying down trying to kill the headache.....

This was taken right before we landed in Orlando - I was killing time by putting a small amount of make-up on Mikayla....we were having fun. =)

Finally, the shot of our baggage cart, right before we unloaded it into the rental car. Only one suitcase per person and 6 total carry-ons......but it sure looks like more!

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sara said...

yea! so glad you made it!!! praying for a safe and extremely fun time for all!!!