Saturday, November 21, 2009

"The Blind Side"

Last night we went to the movies. No, it wasn't to see "New Moon" - though I'll admit I'll probably be seeing that with Stephie and Michele on Thanksgiving weekend. (You should have seen the lines.....). We took the whole family to see "The Blind Side" instead.

I remember the first "drama" that my parents took me to see. Just like us last night, it was easier to take Mikayla than it was to find someone to watch her. I figured she'd fall asleep on my lap if the movie was that boring. But, instead - just like me and "On Golden Pond", Mikayla got sucked right in. She told me just now, "I really liked 'The Blind Side'". So did we, sweetheart!

We went to see it the night it came out because I really didn't want to hear how good it was from everyone else, or how sad, or any significant parts of the movie. As it was, I was starting to turn my head on tv previews of it because I wanted the movie to be a surprise. So, I won't give anything away.

If you are taking kids, yes, there's adult content - a significant scene towards the end that is scary - and a few "conversation pieces" that you hope fly right over their heads. However, it was all placed in the movie to make the story complete - it was exceptional.

So, there you go - my review. It is not a "Facing the Giants" movie- it's a true story. And pretty extraordinary at that.

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sara said...

I can't wait to see this movie!