Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's the Weekend!

It's here. No new news about Amy, in case you were wondering. I'm assuming she's cocooned up in her room hoping for these next couple of weeks to pass by quickly until the swelling goes down and she starts to feel semi-normal again.

Around here, we are soaking in the transition from fall into holiday season. I'm busy on this day with an evening home football game preparing Thanksgiving menus, ordering Christmas pictures, and concocting Countdown Calendar activities. It's my kind of day, made sweeter by Traig, Nati, and Ellie being here - as well as Travis and Stephanie. (Michael and Michele will soon be returning from their OSU game just in time to take over the "kid watching" so we can set off for our UO game).

Last night, I was one of the last to tucker out (which is rare). I snapped this shot of the rest of the family, minus Brayden who was still hanging on with the PS2.

And this one was taken Friday night, prior to those two falling asleep - perhaps at about the same time.....

Talk about win-win. The girls had a desire to rake the leaves, so John MADE THEIR DAY by bringing out the leaf blower. It's a job I knew needed to be done, but had been dreading, and there they were having the time of their life wrangling those leaves to the curbside.

Meanwhile, this little guy kept me company on the beanbag next to the fire. He is such a sweetheart when he gets tired, he pulls over his blankie and starts kneading it - and then falls asleep. SO precious.

I haven't forgotten about the follow-up accident post, it's just that that topic would require some actual thought-process that I'm not really into devoting to right now. I think we all understand how that goes now and then in the blogging world.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


sara said...

love that picture of your husband daughter...precious!!

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend and feel a bit renewed and refreshed!

Growin' with it! said...

aww, that sleeping photo is priceless. makes my heart all warm & fuzzy thinking about how wonderful your life is! happy monday!