Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fright Night at Autzen

AKA - One of the best games at Autzen I've ever been to
AKA - One of my all-time favorite Halloweens

Or as the announcers of last night's ESPN Sport Center said, (in description of the way the Ducks beat out the Trojans) "This was an absolute thrashing", "taken to the shed", "got destroyed", "unheard of", "dominated", and my favorite "a can of whoopin’ Duckside being handed to the Trojan’s rear-end"

Yes, it was THAT great of a night.

Words don't really describe it, especially if you are not a fan of college football, or don't understand the dominance that has always been USC's football program. It wouldn't matter to you that we beat USC worse than they've ever been beaten in the "Pete Carroll era". Or that USC has only given up more yards to a single opponent once before in their history (and that occasion was in 1943, and the record was just 10 yards more). It wouldn't impress you just how magical Jeremiah Masoli played (among the best quarterback performance I've seen at UO - right up there with Dixon) or how our redshirt freshman running back, LaMichael James - who really only saw playtime because of the disaster of LaGarrett Blount at Boise State - displayed such extraordinary talent - and yes, true character.

Finally, it might not mean anything to you that this IS the same team that lost so infamously against Boise State this year, that our family - among many, many others, nearly wrote off as "just not a good year for Oregon football".
Indeed, our brand new, coach, Chip Kelly, has pulled off something no one expected this year - and to that I say, "I love you Ducks! Thanks for one heckuva night!"

The view from our seats........

I thought this was a funny picture - it's supposed to be Spock demonstrating how to make the "O" symbol for Oregon. Hee hee! The funny thing is, the score is all wrong as it reflects a touchdown the Trojans made that got called back because the ball was never fumbled. Nope, USC never got even that high.....

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j.nelson said...

yessssssssss!!!!!!!! i know this would screw up your season'ness but its tempting to want a rewind/repeat keep this season going sorta thang...