Thursday, November 05, 2009

"But, It's Supposed to Rain!"

That was my answer to Julie when she kept bugging me earlier this week about going for a hike today. Thursday was supposed to be the day that the weather changed and the rain and wind came wooshing in, so it was with a bit of reluctance after a week that took a lot out of me to say "yes".

(And, of course, it's hard to say 'no' to Julie - especially when she sends little pictures like this to my cell phone)
So, because Julie was unwilling to make any decisions - I took her to Sahalie Falls. It's about an hour and 15 minute drive, but we had enough time given we left early enough. She'd never been there, which was the determining factor - you don't walk away from that hike unimpressed.

Did I mention that Julie "borrowed" Sydney last Friday? She has a beloved Golden Retriever, Maddy, back at Cannon Beach and was really needing some "dog time". They ran errands together, and of course, Syd loved it. So, I'm wondering if the real reason Julie wanted to go so bad today was just to have the dog time again...... =)

Obviously a girl used to the cold ocean temperatures - there was no way I was going to join them out there.....

As I've mentioned before, some of the allure of this hike is the aquamarine colors of the water - because it was a little later in the season than usual for me, there was more water flowing - and hence even more brilliant color. This hike makes me so in love with the state we live in.

On the way home, I shared some of my favorite Christmas songs with Julie - summing up a wonderful adventure. And, FYI - the rain didn't begin until we were safely in the car driving home...... =)


j.nelson said...

I'm glad you said "yes". Though I didn't know how reluctant you were... umm right now Maddy is layin in my bed withe me, the boys are asleep watching the food network and the lightening is thrashing and the rain is pounding... life is good! Thanks for kicking off a good weekend.

sara said...

wow, those pictures are beautiful!!