Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a Huge Football Weekend!

Whew...what a weekend so far! And it is just the beginning of Sunday - we still have a full day to go.

I already chronicled about Friday night's football movie - "The Blind Side". Just excellent.....

Then, yesterday, at 12:30, Brayden's football team got the opportunity to play at Autzen Stadium (where the Ducks play, to you non-Eugenians) for the Pop Warner championships. His team was in contention for 2nd place. They did not win (which was kind of expected, the other team had only one loss all season - in the play-offs) - but still, to play at Autzen - to run out on the field, to have your name broadcast on the loudspeaker and face on the Jumbotron. Wow, what a thrill.

Brayden played a lot - it was so wonderful to have Mom, Dad, Leona, Uncle Jeff, the Quigley family, Travis and Steph, and Julie (on the sideline helping John photograph) all there to support our little man - Brayden "Ocho" Riley. Many, many pictures to come, but I'm so proud of that kid. He had a couple shout outs by the announcer - one for a killer block, and another for a tackle which he was not responsible for - at least he wasn't the one that made the stop - he kind of jumped on the pile after the play and got credit for it. We all laughed at that. =)

And, then, last night. Ducks vs. Arizona at Tuscon. Another Duck game captured by ESPN's GameDay. Another game in which Lee Corso donned the Duck Head..... The Rose Bowl contention on the line -

The Ducks are the only team in the Pac 10 that control their own destiny. If we had lost last night, we still could have potentially gone to Pasadena had Arizona lost one of their two remaining games. But, if we wanted to retain sole control of our own destiny, we had to win. We came out strong, took a two touchdown lead and then, in the second quarter, Arizona gained momentum. It wasn't looking good by the 4th quarter and I was doing all I could to stay semi-distracted so I wouldn't go insane with the tension level. I've said this before, but getting attached to team and their success can be such a double-edged sword. It is so marvelous when we win, but the loss let-down can be so devastating. I was trying to guard my heart for the worst......but, when we tied it up - and headed to overtime - oh, the emotion level in our living room was monumental! Travis, Steph, Dennis, John, and I were alternating standing, crouching, jumping, groaning, cheering - and then, we DID IT! On the second overtime, Masoli ran it in for the TD....and we took the win. All those Arizona students had swarmed the field at the end of the fourth quarter - oh, the disappointment for them to lose.

So, now, it sets up for the biggest civil war game we've ever been a part of. Whoever wins the Civil War (Thursday, December 3rd)- whether it be Oregon State or Oregon will play at the Rose Bowl. As per tradition, I gave up my ticket to Michael so he can go to the game at Autzen with John, (Michele gives up her OSU ticket to John when the Civil War is in OSU's home turf) while I stay home and watch with Michele and the kids. If we were playing at Corvallis, I think I'd say OSU would take the win this year - but with home-field advantage, the Ducks can be very formidable. It will be a showdown like none other, that's for sure. Let's hope the family relations can survive the battle! =)

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