Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like......

Christmas. Yes, I said it - and yes, I did it. Gone are the orange and brown leaves, the pumpkins and gourds. In is the red and green, the holly and pinecones - and I couldn't be happier.

Neither could the kids or John, which is why I offer no apologies for decorating the week before Thanksgiving. It brings us great joy. So did having the "Traditions on XM" music playing all day. Joy, joy, joy!!!

For many, the music gets old. Certainly, there's a few Christmas songs I could do without, but perhaps I am one of the few who mourns the day after Christmas when our "yesterday's hits, today's favorites" radio station converts back from the holiday music they've been playing since at least Monday. I miss it. Because, right now, I love it.

I wrote on Facebook this morning that I wish there was some way to bottle these happy feelings and spread them out through the rest of the year, because, during this season I have an extra spring in my step. Hopes are high, anticipation for the fun yet to come may even be higher. Life is very, very good.


On a separate note - I wanted to update you all on Amy (especially since Sara asked and is praying for her!). She is having a good day today, after heading back to the hospital with concerns yesterday. They determined the reason for her headaches and nausea (that had nothing to do with her neck) and it appears that the prescription they got for her is doing the trick as Nancy reported upon dropping the meal today that she is feeling much better. So, long story short - she is getting better. This last week was spent doing a lot of sleeping, which I think is so crucial for her. I think my big prayer will be that even though we already know that this has already done wonders in reviving feeling to her limbs, that it will also be determined that this neck issue was indeed the culprit to much of her pain over these last years - and therefore will be eliminated. That - and getting Amy to figure out how to pace herself and create new habits in the routine of her life that will cause less strain on her neck.

Thank you everyone!


j.nelson said...

bahhhhhh of excitement!

sara said...

thanks for the update!!

we always put Xmas up over Thanksgiving. However, this year we have our best friends and their 4 daughters coming to visit us. So, with a house of 11, I am going to have to college daughter is not happy about it b/c she will not be here to decorate for the first time will probably make me cry.