Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still Waiting....(Updated 5pm)

Because the "plates" that are used to the surgery for Amy's neck were delivered to the wrong hospital, poor Amy has been waiting around for 3 hours longer than anticipated. It's resulted in some party time in the hospital room.

As Amy is mildly sedated (on an IV) - she's been a little loopy. That's a fun thing. However, it hasn't completely kept her from being irritable at the fact that she hasn't had food since 6:30 last night and is craving (with intensity) a Diet Coke fountain pop. (Hence the picture taken with my closed Diet Coke can).

They are just starting to get things moving as I'm setting this up to post. Keep praying (and that pic of the ladies praying was sent to my phone by Christy - the girls were busy doing that in the hospital cafeteria, which I got to opt out of as I happened to walk into just the right entrance of the hospital to be able to see Mark (Amy's hubby) - and then get escorted right in to hang with my buddy....) Because of the delay, some of those ladies got to later visit with Amy and participate in the pre-surgery party....

Just to let you know, I just spoke to Mark and he reported that Amy is up and currently working with her Physical Therapist. (Who happens to be Stephanie White's sister-in-law!) She did state that she had quite a bit of pain after coming out of surgery, but I don't think that's entirely unexpected. They gave her pain medications so I think that's helping. When she emerged from surgery she already had the neck collar on - so at least she didn't have to go through the anxiety of the prodding it would take to get that on, but I know it will take a lot of adjustment for her to deal with such a constraining device around her neck. However, she is already swallowing water and had a chocolate!

Hopefully, I'll get more details later - but I thought you'd all appreciate knowing that she's awake, walking, and able to move all of her digits!!!! =)


Colie said...

thanks for updating. I'm still praying and appreciated an update :-).

Stephietoo said...

GO Amy!!!! That's awesome that Amy got Kristen as her physical therapist.

Mary said...

I have been checking back all day for an update and keeping you all in my prayers.

I will always admire your close friendships, kindness and ability to keep Jesus at the center of your lives. These pictures make me well up with tears.

I wish Amy, her family and everyone surrounding her the best and will pray for strength for the times ahead.