Monday, November 16, 2009

Mixin' It Up with the Mixer

Thirteen and a half years.....that's how long I've been married. It's also how long I've been making cookies for the folks that John works with each year during the holidays - or baking goodies in general. However, in all that time, I've never felt myself "worthy" of investing in a real "Kitchenaid". "The hand mixer works just fine, it'll do....."

But, lately, I've had a hankering. A longing, perhaps. So, when we walked upstairs at Macy's last week and Mikayla and I cast our sights on this baby - well, I asked John and Brayden to meet me up there, and it took negative .2 seconds for John to say, "let's do it". (Gotta love that man!).

We vascilated between the lesser expensive stainless steel bowl, or this - the 90th anniversary edition with the glass bowl. Of course, I said, "the cheaper one is fine", but after a discussion with the salesman, John had me quickly swayed to go for the one with the glass bowl. I'm SO GLAD I did as it is a huge "happy feature" for me. My mom has a Kitchenaid from when she first got married that still works wonderfully - it has a glass bowl and is what I grew up baking with. I'm hoping already Brayden and Mikayla are connecting this Kitchenaid with fun and coziness in the kitchen......just as I do with Mom's.


My mom's:

And, I ought to post a picture of the first cookies made with it. This is Kimmie, aka "Phoenix" from Camp Harlow. She was a HUGE HIT for the girls - they loved her so much, so as she came through town on a weekend break from my Western Oregon University alma mater, she blessed us with her presence. We made amazing chocolate chip cookies and had all sorts of "me too!" moments as the three of us (Michele included) shared our lives.


sara said...

I love my kitchenaid, but I have to admit I am a bit jealous over your RED one!!! :)

Anonymous said...

BTW I saw in a magazine the other day that places like Bed Bath & Beyond are selling replacement beaters that have silicone edges so they really scrape the sides of the bowl, and can be used like a spatula to get all the good stuff into your baking pan. I have a stand mixer that was a gift from my mother in law years ago and is the only "gadget" in my kitchen I wouldn't do without. With all your heavy duty baking I'm sure you will quickly wonder why it took you so long to get one! The glass bowl is cool.

StephieAnne said...

Oh, Heather, that's very cool. I was just in that store yesterday - maybe I'll look for that when the next coupon comes my way!

sara said...

Praying For You:

I am praying for Amy today. That she would know that God's grace is sufficient for her, and that His power is made perfect in her weakness.

Praying for healing, strength, endurance, patience and an overwhelming sense of God's love.

How is she doing?