Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in Picture Review

We're currently watching the Boise State game on Friday night - with the Whites and the whole Schilling Family - all rooting for Nevada... It's all so super-cozy - kind of a pre-cursor to Sunriver. Except, in Sunriver, there's a little bit more room for 5 kids to run around and three dogs to play..... =)

I got a bit of a nap after returning from shopping/organizing presents around 4:30(pm). Yes, a very LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG day! But, I'm feeling revived enough to enjoy the moments happening now - and to chronicle a bit of the great Thanksgiving we had.

The morning started early with Mikayla helping me to slice the "Cinnabon Copycat" cinnamon rolls. They turned out good enough to attempt time I'll work on improving my "bread-rising" techniques (I don't have a bread maker and have limited experience working with yeast) - and I'll probably head over to World Market to get some really amazing cinnamon to use next time.

This is the front view of the family - all eating cinnamon rolls, watching the Macy's Day parade.

And, a view from the back - Michael ended up winning the Macy's Day Parade Bingo game - who knew that if you paid close attention to the opening credits of the show - when they preview what's to come - you can manage to fill in a whole lot of slots.....

Around 10:30, after a stop at Dutch Brothers for Mom, we made it out to Mom and Dad's. While Michele and Mom worked on things in the kitchen (and I returned home for about 5 things I forgot - [Man, there's a lot of organization required for these holiday events- and I just wasn't on my "A game".....]) - the guys hung out in the living room and Michael tutored Dad on the PC.

As this occurred, the kids were enamored with "Sly Cooper" on the PS2........

John used some of his photography skills right before we sat down for dinner. Unfortunately, the pic he took of Mom, Michele, and I (to prove Mom was there!) did not turn out. However the pic of some of my favorite kids, favorite Thanksgiving offerings, and Ellie's favorite meal time pastimes totally turned out.

Baxter was such a cutie on Thanksgiving night - cuddling with both Mom and I a ton. He was especially interested in my pumpkin pie - I shot this as he had his chin on my knees with my cell phone.

As a final concluding comment - the common consensus in this community (how about that alliteration!) is thank God today is just Friday.....and tomorrow is a sleep-in day!

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Anonymous said...

I'm coming to your house for thanksgivig next year!!! :-)

Looks like a fabulous time.