Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Up on the Rooftop"

That's where you'd find John and Brayden today - and those white little dots on the skylight - yes, that is hail. Fortunately, it was very short-lived. Most of the day was quite cold, but rather dry. Not the ideal day to put up Christmas lights, but I'm so happy those boys of mine got it done.

Meanwhile, Julie and I hung out in the house with Mikayla. Julie sacrificed some of her study time to re-do Mikayla's Upcoming Events sign that hangs in her bedroom. Ever since I asked Kara to design the board last spring, I've been quite unhappy with my own efforts. Julie was sweet enough to fill in for her - and make me very happy whenever I walk into Mikayla's room.

When Sydney wasn't pacing the hallway by the patio door to "go see what the guys' were up to without her", she found a cozy place next to Julie to relax.

All in all- a great weekend! It was so "full" - it feels like a week has gone by since we went to the movies - but that's what made it so great.


Growin' with it! said...

WOW...julie is so talented and creative. wish she lived closer to my house! and way to go riley boys. ☺

j.nelson said...

UHG such a great day. One of the best Sunday's to date. So great! SO GREAT. Co-existing at it's best :) Love ya Steph.. and great job on the lights john-boy/b

sara said...

Love the chalk board idea!!!

and your lights looks great! Sounds like the perfect weekend!