Friday, November 27, 2009

It's 3:27am, and We're Off to Go......

Sears, then Target, then Best Buy - oh, but Best Buy will depend on how successful Sears is.....from there Home Depot - or is it Fred Meyer. By that time, we might be seeing dawn on the horizon and a caffeine infusion from Starbucks will be in order.....and we will all three be so punch-drunk!

That's why I love this day - not for the satisfaction of all of the sales - but, for the way it redefines the "abundant life". I mean, getting up this early and fighting angry shoppers is not the typical way one would consider life bursting from the seams full of joy......but doing it with my mom and Michele - and the MEMORIES - oh, the memories -- oh yeah. This is a good day.

Now, if I can just convince my riotous stomach of's still very unhappy with me from yesterday.........hmmm, will Russian Tea be just the remedy?

Happy Black Friday Everyone!

Picture taken at 4:30am while waiting in line outside of Target:

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j.nelson said...

Papaya Enzymes!!