Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harvest Time at Harlow

As if in answer to our quandary about not being able to be "there" for our kids when they dress up for Trick-or-Treating, our church decided to host their Camp Harlow "Harvest-Fest" on Friday the 30th vs. Saturday the "official" day the 31st. Way to go Camp Harlow - and smart move given how many people would be looking for just such an opportunity given 60,000 people would be sitting at Autzen Stadium on Halloween night vs. traditionally celebrating Halloween.

So, we took our time dressing up our kids - smudging make-up on Brayden's face for "dirt" and really "dolling" up Mikayla to make her look way TOO OLD. But, they looked great, and I'm so glad we got our obligatory pictures taken with them so when they ended up doing their real Trick-or-Treating with the Meyers tonight, it didn't matter what they ended up looking like.

They had a blast at Harlow. It's always been just a little packed for our tastes in the past, and moreover, we've desired to reach out to our neighborhood in trick-or-treating vs. the festivities at Harlow. But, for this year, it was just perfect. The kids even got to re-visit with their favorite counselor - again and again throughout the night.

All just a part of what is turning out be one of my favorite weeks of this year!

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