Saturday, August 02, 2014

Travis, Stephie, and Whitley on the Boat!

You would have thought there was a "celebrity sighting" with the way our family rushed Whitley when her, Steph, and Travis pulled up to our camp on Saturday around noon.  

The kids couldn't get enough of her - introducing her to the tent, the trailer, and the camper - not to mention the drinking fountain and source of snacks in the "kitchen".  =)  But, after that, there was no slacking off - if you want to board the Riley's boat - you're expected to help, so we put her to work dragging the cooler of waters... =)

We had to have the kids lay down with the boat on top of them just to get us all (and our toys on the boat)

To begin with, this pink life vest wasn't making Whitley a fan of the experience.  It's different from the purple one she gets to swim in, and obviously a little cumbersome.  But, once we got the boat started, she lost all memory of its discomfort.


Especially when she realized she could swim in this too...  

Which, I think she would have been happy to do all day long with her momma.... =)

Brayden was definitely earning this treatment from Michael ;)

Natalia got her braces off this week - I think this picture says it all with just how much Michael should be worried!

But, there were other kids on the boat (including Travis), that wanted to do a little more than just swim.  

At one point, Nati got off - so the kids rearranged and Michele took the two seater with Travis.  

This is one of those, "Nope, I'm not jealous of that" scenarios - they were taking some hits and Travis felt it in his neck (as did Michele) the next day... The tube is a lot worse on a body than conservative boarding, that's for sure. 

Again, Whitley was ready to pitch in to help...

Then, it was the Whites Family turn on the tube.  And, it was "Dumbo Ride" vs. "Tower of Terror" in comparison in terms of speed and intensity.  


It has been way too long since Travis has had a chance to do this!  So, he took full advantage...

Whitley, already demonstrating her propensity to load stuff into the boat, pull ropes, and deflate tubes was ready to take on driving as well...

All in all - a perfect first run for Whitley on the boat.  They ended up leaving early evening and Whitley was a champ despite the fact she didn't have a nap the whole time they were there.  We're just hoping she fell in love with the camping portion along with the boating part - so they'll be able to stay longer next time!!

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