Monday, August 25, 2014

Reunited on the Lake!

Sunday, the 24th had been earmarked as a special day on my calendar since early May.  As we were nearing the point Heather was going to move to Boston, we tried to come up with a time that we'd be able to see her again - and include the rest of our Thursday Night Ladies.

Unfortunately, Courtney, Suzie, and Stephanie weren't able to make it, but everyone else was able to come from Boston, Salem, and Portland to join us on the boat at Cottage Grove Lake.

Originally, we thought we'd have some early morning time with potentially just Heather and our family, but as it turned out, the majority joined us at our house at 10am to be there from the start.

Beautiful Amanda chose to not try out the board, but was happy to take on the job of flag-holder.

And, Darcy, the day before she was set to start her new career as a teacher, bravely took this day with us instead of in the classroom.

Heather started us out on the board.

With as many people as we knew were coming, we told the kids we couldn't bring them all out unless they wanted to spend the majority on the beach.  But, two, would be ideal.  We knew Mikayla wanted to come and Nati opted to join.  Perfect!

Despite hurting her back earlier in the week, Kimmie was ready to go next.

Then, Mikayla did her own boarding demonstration. 

At that point, almost simultaneously, Brad and Elaina and Christi and Tyler showed up.  Sorry kids and guys - we went for a "Bible Study" group pose. 

I went for a run next.  The song that came up on the "Ultimate Boat Playlist" (5 hours of music as the hits get repetitive sooooo fast) was the Finale song from "Pitch Perfect" where the Barton Bellas do their championship performance.  It's a long song.....but, I was determined to go until it finished.  (Especially knowing this would undoubtedly be my last run of the summer).  With the virus I'd picked up from John still in my system, though - not to mention having been fighting lots of headaches - I was wasted by the time I let go of the rope. 

Especially amidst this choppy water.  But, it didn't stop me from throwing my "hands up" when instructed by the song.  In fact, I was fighting tears as the week had been so overly emotional - this was just one more experience (on the plus side).  

But, I was panting at the end.  And coughed like an asthmatic for a half hour later.  And, then sea sick on the boat.  Yeah, I think I officially overdid it.

Not Leah, though - she nailed it - her first try on the wakeboard - you go, Girl!

Such cute couples on our boat!

Heather's a hottie.  =)

Kaela's stomach was faring no better than mine, so she gladly volunteered to make room on the boat along with Amanda and the girls once the couples came aboard.

Tyler's turn to try the board. 

After a couple of attempts - he got it!

Such beauties - inside and out!

Travis showed up to represent the White family and help support John in pulling. 

And, he looked "okay"... ;)

Next up Elaina.  Her smile and spirit is so infectious!!!!

Then, Brad gave it a go.  He was SOOOO close!

Nice photobomb, Travis. 

Finally, Nati, who'd been so patient, got a run - and made it a long one (just like her mom does!)

Up again, Kimmie

Before this scene - the majority of us departed.  Blessedly, Travis was able to take Kaela and I home - and everyone else had their own vehicles parked at the lake.  At that point in the day, I wasn't even comfortable on the floating dock.  My stomach generally does not get "Motion Sickness", but I think I'd tore it down so much that it was overly sensitive to anything I threw at it. 

And, to prove I wasn't faking it, I got to ask Travis to pull over about a mile from our house so I could exit the car and throw up.  Oh, good times!  =(

But, back at the lake - Heather, Mikayla, Nati, and John kept the fun going on the tube. 

Unfortunately, a spill from the tube was the end for them as it strained Heather's neck upon impact.  Ugh - the tube brings so many smiles, so much laughter and fun, but it really is kind of dreaded for John and I with its potential for injuries.

Heather wasn't willing to let the spill ruin the "Post Boat Run DQ Stop" tradition.  So, these final pics were taken right before getting ice cream. 

The day might not have unfolded as perfectly as I'd hoped, but for most everyone else, I think it was a good time.  Certainly, a wonderful way to reunite with Heather!

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