Friday, August 08, 2014

Date Day in Dallas

Thursday was looking to be a very fun day on the calendar.  Whitley, Mikayla and I planned to leave for Dallas as soon as dropped off Nati to Camp Harlow.  It was FINALLY time to introduce Whitley to all of the wonderful things her Uncle Michael and Aunt Chele's house had to offer.

Sadly, my neck and head had other plans.  But, I figured I was catching it soon enough, so I called Mom to see if we could detour by her house on the way, to have her work on me before we left.  We both had high hopes that her efforts solved the problem, but I suspect I was already to far gone for her to bring about the "quick fix" that she's done in the past.  She does, however, get the "energy" flowing the right way - so while I may not leave with less pain, I can at least know I'm in better shape.

It was a debate as to whether or not I'd continue on up to Dallas, but considering I wasn't in "throw up" mode - I figured it would be easier to make the drive up - let Michele take over care for Whitley and then let her drive everyone (including me) back - as that was half the purpose to go up there, was to pick up Michele and Ellie and get them to Eugene.  (Michael would follow with his vehicle the next day - and then to return they would only have to worry about one vehicle.)

I stand by my decision - but all of these pictures...I wasn't there to witness.  I went straight to her bedroom and stayed in her bed until the moment we departed. =(

The good news - Whitley didn't miss me in the slightest...she was too overwhelmed with ALL OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE!!!!  Yes, Michele was a collector of these items - so about half of what you see were from our childhood collection and the rest were carefully picked out from Ebay.  It's such a joy to see a whole new generation take delight in it!

And, if that wasn't fun enough... how about a trip, literally a walk across the street, to the Dallas Swim Center?!  OH JOY!!!! 

Whitley was on "Cloud 9" - and of course, Mikayla and Ellie enjoyed themselves too - and Michele experienced the joy that can only be experienced from a child fully embracing everything life has to offer.

Sure enough, Michele drove us home - and it let's just say I was glad I had a sturdy plastic bag in the back (and had eaten much through the day).  This particular headache lasted until about Saturday about a bummer.  I was very thankful Steph had Whitley on Friday due to her work office being deep cleaned so I had less guilt over leaving Michele to one more thing besides just keeping my own household running. 

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