Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chuck E. Cheese

Our field trip on Thursday was to Chuck E. Cheese.  When my kids were little, I so lamented the fact that our closest Chuck E. Cheese was all the way up in Salem.  In fact, Brayden's fourth birthday was actually held up there just because it was the perfect place to celebrate a four year old's birthday.  But, then, they did open up one, at our local Gateway Mall - and, because it was past the point of my kids' age preference, I'd never been there.

I knew Whitley was a little young to enjoy all of the different games the place offered, so I figured this was a good one to visit when we had Mikayla and Ellie around for them to enjoy and Whitley to watch.  

Whitley was indeed overwhelmed with it all.  She especially did not want to climb in the play area.  But, enjoyed seeing the girls up there...
Fortunately, there were just a couple of other families there at the 11am hour we visited.  But, we finally found a game she loved...."Feed the Frog".  I liked it a lot too!  =)

She watched another family play Air Hockey, but by this time, we were out of "coins" (as Whitley called the tokens).  

 Too much to take in, but the pizza was tasty.

Not as big of a fan of the carousel...she wanted on, but quickly wanted off.  

Upon time to leave, Whitley was not so pleased.  I was kind of grossed out by her laying her head on the grimy floor - so we took a bath when we returned to the house. 

This place is way too expensive to visit on a frequent basis, but I expect the next time around, Whitley will be thrilled to return...

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