Saturday, August 02, 2014

Nothin' But Glass (Friday and Saturday Morning)


A view of the campsite from our bathroom.  (Outhouse) We have a group space so this view is usually obscured by Mom and Dad's camper and Michael and Michele's trailer.  We're the only "homeless" ones out of the group (in terms of not having a real roof....)

I had to retry the Cinnabon rolls again for John to recognize just how much I was NOT exaggerating...  Maybe even better this time!  (This pic taken before the cream cheese frosting was put on top).  

Soon after eating, we were on the lake.  I sent this Instagram pic to Travis to mess with him about how soon he could make it.  We knew they would be coming Saturday, which was huge, but I also knew this sight would probably tempt him just a little bit to want to play hooky.  =)
I only had my cell phone to take pictures with for the first run on Friday morning - so here's a collage of what took place then:

John slipped off the back of the boat deck when doing one of the ropes - I'm not sure if he's ever done that. 

Traig took this panorama - pretty awesome... you just don't take water like this for granted.  It lasted on all three mornings until around 11am....UH-MAZ-ING!!!!!!

Sadly, I wasn't able to partake for the first three days.  Thursday night suggested a headache coming, so I was doing everything in my power to not make it worse/make it go away.  Michael makes for a great passenger seat companion - I put my knees up and provide a back rest while he takes over with the camera.  

Michele - first up - doing what she's made to do - slalom ski.  Not sure who was happier, Michele amidst the experience, or Michael, so happy to see his wife so happy.  =)

These are the conditions where Michael happily says, "Sure, I'll go out on the board!"  And, he's a happy camper too.

On to Traig...

I LOVE this pic of my nephew!  I love his all out smile on the is the best!!!

Brayden wanted to play on the kneeboard.  He chose for a while to just ride on his belly.  John and I were like, "Brayden, get up already!" - And, then, we realized he's just being an otter and doing what he loves.  He can play anyway he wants to.  "Okay, buddy - do it however you want!"

In regards to that headband... I don't know.  :(  It's his summer thing (I think inspired from wearing it under his lacrosse helmet to keep his forehead less sweaty).  I tried to fight it at first, and then realized (again) - is this really a battle worth fighting?  I mean, in the big scheme and all the things a kid could do to his hair (or even body) - yeah....I think I'm gonna let it go!

Michele loves this pic of Brayden and her...

Traig is kind of a natural on the knee board...

I wish we could say he landed it - but that height is impressive no matter what!!

And, Michele, so thoughtfully, utilized the wakeboard in my place.  She tried to enjoy it to its fullest in case I didn't get a chance to go out.  

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