Friday, August 08, 2014

Kicking Off August...

While Phineas conducted life as needed at Camp Harlow......

Mikayla did a lot of assisting with "The Life of Whitley" in early August.

This particular park was not a big hit for Whit...

However, this open gym at "Bounce" gymnastics was indeed a hit!

Another hit was this random encounter with a very sweet and docile pit bull as we killed some time cruising through Petco.

These pics were laden with a little sadness for me to see - knowing that Michele took them while I was in the bedroom suffering through a migraine.  I expected to feel better while driving up to Michele's, but upon arriving I was just so thankful that I had her bed to sleep in and that she was coming back with me so she could drive home.  After playing with all these Little People, the girls and Michele went on over to the Indoor Pool next door to play too.

We don't get a lot of thunderstorms in Oregon - at least not like other parts of the country.  So, when a good one does happen (often in August), everyone gets out their cameras eager to capture the action.

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