Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Final Day on the Lake

Finally, by Sunday morning, my headache had receded enough to consider wakeboarding.  But, I was actually fighting off the same Bronchitis John eventually was diagnosed with, so in hindsight, that was why I was actually so tired - that even without the pain, I nearly chose the air mattress over the boat that morning.  

I'm so glad, though, that I got my rear end up.  And, got out on the board.  The water was perfect - just as warm as you could possibly want - the kind of glass you dream for - outside temps great too.  It was a bit hazier though - the area around us has been inundated with forest fires, so even in Eugene the smokey haze had moved in.  Oh well, it makes for a bit more golden glow with the pictures.  

Do you think my soul needed this?  I can't even tell you how much...

We hadn't captured pics of Mikayla or Nati on the board yet with the Cannon camera - so it was their turns next. 

Mikayla's big goal was to cross the wake - but she kept over-thinking it and backing off.  (Hence the head thrown back in defeat).

But, finally, she got it - 

And, was back and forth and back again after that.  =)

Next up - Nati - who loves boarding almost as much as her mom loves slalom.  Love that smile!!!

I took a couple of "cuddly pics" with Ellie and my otter.  I wish I could share what made Brayden so giggly, but it's altogether inappropriate outside of family....

Upon return to camp, we probably had the quickest, most efficient camp clean-up ever and were back home sorting through over a dozen loads of laundry by 2pm.  I wish I could say this was my favorite trip ever - but, between headaches and other health issues amongst us, I just can't give it a "10".  But, in terms of all that we "could control" - we made it the best we could!!!  =)

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