Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Week Whitley Turns Two =)

Here's some proof that Whitley really liked the teapot set we got her, she couldn't wait to bust it open once she arrived!   I was confused when she inverted the cupcakes and make a whizzing sound atop my cup of "tea", until it finally dawned on me that she thought it was a whip cream dispenser.  SO cute!

On weeks like this, when both kids are around, it was crucial we take care of those pesky dentist and doctor well-check appointments.  On Monday, it was the dentist for both of my kiddos.  I knew it would take a little longer as both had some wear-down cavities to repair, but I NEVER guessed we'd be there three hours - stretching over Whitley's usual nap time.  Based on her behavior, though, no one else would ever guess that was the case.  Though these pics might say otherwise, she was really content and interested in all that the dentist had to offer.  ("Nemo" fish!!).  

She did these bucket thing all by herself, for the record...

When Mikayla returned after her cleaning with her bag of dental goodies, Whitley wanted to practice with the toothbrush.  This interest in brushing is why those pearly whites of hers will probably never need cavities filled.  

On Wednesday, Christi and I got together.  And, we were both so happy that it was actually a cooler day in Eugene.  We all love our sunshine, but I would be A-OK with the temps to drop 10-20 degrees, and maybe, just a day or two, of rain.... (I know, I know, I will be singing another tune in January, but for now, we're all kind of "jonesing" for it).

So, we embarked on a walk along the eastern river path and ended up at Crescent Park after stopping off for Jamba Juice.  My admiration for Christi as a mom skyrockets when I am around her and she is so relaxed and comfortable to let her baby be a baby and suck on a straw or lid (ours) that might be covered in sand.  Moms that can chill = moms I can be friends with.  Isn't Elsie just the cutest little girl?  

This was my only shot of Whitley - she was really rather subdued during the morning, but finally lit up a bit at the park.  She is so ready to have Elsie get a little more mobile, though, thoughtfully, she reverts to crawling so Elsie can keep up with her at the park.  The fact that Elsie's only 8 months and already so mobile is impressive - and based on how she pulls herself up - I think she'll be walking in no time. 

As I texted to Christi - it was a refreshing hang-out all around - not just the cooler temps and Jamba Juice either.  It was great to be with someone who understands that any conversation is subject to instant "pause" based on the needs of the child in our care.  On any given day, it could be either one of the littles that is a little more "expressive" than the other of their unhappiness, and there's no judgment from either one of us as they demonstrate expected behavior of baby/toddler.  I've always known it's an easy and looked forward thing to catch up and enjoy conversation with Christi - and now I can say, it's just as great to be able to relate "Mom to Mom" (I may not be Whitley's mom, but I'm still a mom!). 

Move forward to Thursday and we land on Whitley's SECOND BIRTHDAY!!!!  After dropping Mikayla off at volleyball camp, we headed over to Thurston area to the park I'd seen at the Splash Swim Center that I knew would be a "Whitley hit".  Before that, though, we ought to pick up some refreshment for her - given it would be FREE! - from Dutch Bros.  Chocolate milk with whip cream....oh yeah!!!

You go, Birthday Girl!

The sky was overcast when we arrived (I was loving it), but cleared up before we left.  And, upon arrival, no one was here.... Whitley was just beside herself running from new place to new place checking it all out. 

She spent the majority of the time on the swing, but we did go down multiple slides together, tried the rock wall, the sand area, spoke to another little boy through the talking "phones" on the pirate ship - and probably her favorite, she just watched a class of about 12 three and four year olds on a field trip from a nearby Montessori School.  She does so well with other kids, it's neat when she gets these opportunities to interact and watch.  

My only hope in luring her away from the park (after an hour of being there), was to promise a horse sighting.  I'd driven through this area before and knew there had been horses, and sure enough, there was a foal to look at.  We stayed in the car as I don't know the owners, but at least I stuck to my promise.

After some time playing with Brayden, we headed off to pick up Mikayla at her "ballyball" camp.  It's so cute in these circumstances, because she'll spot Mikayla and then just yell her name until she acknowledges her.  ADORABLE.   (Mikayla is seated right underneath the main coach's pointed finger - with the headband on).   This was one of the first camps Mikayla came away asking to do again.  She got asked to "play up" with the 8th graders and held her own on a team much bigger than her.  Way to go Sweetie!

A trip down this hallway must include a stop each time to hang on this bar.  

On Friday, we had Christina hanging out with us, so we "used her" to give us one more set of hands (and a lap) to give a matinee movie a try.  This would be the first movie we'd be going to that was "for Whitley".  She's been in a theater before, (and along a theater outside hallway waiting for a movie to end before), but this one was for her benefit.  Steph had told us she's been loving the "Rio" movie (aka "Birdy Movie), so we thought we'd choose "Rio 2" at the discount theater.  

She was FANTASTIC.  She had no interest in wearing the 3D glasses (despite all of our begging and attempts), but was engaged in the movie nonetheless.  She hopped laps, enjoyed popcorn, and even danced in the aisle and explored the empty rows before us, but was never out of sight or inappropriate.  It was a lot of fun.  

These cute.  They were such a help with her.  

Already to Friday - crazy! 

In regards to the previous post about my headaches, this was a week that I worked very hard on posture and stretches.  I got my "how to" book from Amazon - which was really just a review of exercises I already knew, but re-reminded me on how often these scenarios can be fully benefited from stretching.  I was "better" this week fielding off major pain with stretches and not medicine....until ended Thursday (the real reason we rushed away from the park to go home for Brayden to help while I laid down).  I think some of that had to do with using Tramadol (in place of Vicodin) again - and realizing the over-heating side effects are way worse now that I've been off of it for the summer.  

Interestingly, I also felt off, bodywise.  Though Friday brought minimal pain (finally!), I really felt like I was getting sick - and sure enough, upon taking my temperature found I was running a 101.3 fever Friday night.  OH.....  I suspect the same bug that led to John's Bronchitis (that the poor guy is still couching from) is at war with my immune system.  I'd take a fever over a headache or nausea anyday though, and at least I knew it wasn't just in my mind. 

Here's to getting better over the weekend!!!!!

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