Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cottage Grove Lake with Mikayla's Friends

When I said "Yes" to Mikayla using a night to take out her friends, I didn't put two and two together that it would take place on such a busy week.  So, I'm gonna admit that this was a stretch for me to get excited about, but I'll tell you, all it took was for the lot of them to pull up at our house - and pretty soon that enthusiasm was contagious and I couldn't help but be happy on their behalf.

The fun began with each of them getting a "real sugar" Coca-Cola from the machine. 

We anticipated the girls spending the evening on the tube, but instead, they ALL wanted to learn how to board.  Especially after watching Mikayla start out.

YIKES.  At this point, we were at 7pm, with dusk at 8:30, giving us 90 minutes to teach 6 girls how to wakeboard that have never done it before.  The early anxiety over the evening was returning.

But, I shouldn't have feared.  These girls are all athletes and very determined (and maybe a little competitive...but we saw no hint of that during the night - they were exceptionally supportive to each other).  So, we were gonna see success.

First up, Harley.

Then, Piper.  Props to Piper for the best facial expressions!

Then, Julia.  What a smile on this girl!

On to Hadley - I had to remind her to smile as the had her "fierce competition face"...

There you go, Hadley! =)

Next up, Grace - so determined. 

Our final boarder was Meg.  She took a photo-worthy wipe-out in the beginning and then turned it into the longest run of the group.  Way to end strong, Meg!

Kenady wasn't able to make boat run due to soccer try-outs, but was able to join us at Dairy Queen afterwards (along with Jonna which is always fun for us). 

The girls were so anxious to see these pics that I originally had to upload them without text just so they could access them.  What sweethearts - Mikayla is so blessed by her friends.

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