Monday, August 18, 2014

Beverly Beach

After a weekend being cooped up in the house trying to feel better (literally, our big field trip was a trip to Dutch Bros and Jamba Juice!), I thought it would be a WONDERFUL idea to make the trip with Mikayla and Whitley to Newport - where the Schilling Family (sans Traig who's at Harlow) is vacationing in their trailer at Beverly Beach State Park.  Since Michael was working today, it seemed like a no-brainer to come crash their party.  It's also looking to be a very DAUNTING week ahead with lots of extrovert-behavior required, so a fill-up with just Michele and the kids is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Physically, going to a place where the temps were 30 degrees cooler (63 degrees vs. 93 degrees) was also a bonus.

When I asked Whitley on Sunday night if she wanted to go see "Aunt Chele" the next day, she literally yelled, "YAY, YAY, YAY!" and topped it off with a squeal.  Okay, so Whit's on board.

It's a two hour drive, but pretty - and Whitley enjoyed both "The Three Mouseketeers" and "Bambi 2" en route.  (She is SUCH a great passenger).

Ellie wasn't in on the knowledge of our visit, so she was shocked when we opened the trailer door.  She squealed almost as much as Whitley to see us.

Soon enough, we were on our way to the campground's park.  Clearly, the girls couldn't wait to get there.

Michele and I were getting a little bored, so we took Whitley on a hike along the creek adjacent to the park.  

While I would pick camping in the mountains over the coast, it's really a bit of the best of both worlds here at this campground.  Super impressive scenery.


Whitley was impressed with the scenery too.

After lunch in the trailer, we took off for the beach, about a half mile from their campsite.  To say Oregon has beaches is true, but I think of it more as "the coast" - because beach inspires thoughts of bikinis and laying out and frolicking in the waves.  I suppose some of that does happen here, but on any given day, you'd be hard-pressed to determine which is higher, the water temperature, averaging 56 degrees in August, or the air temperature.  Especially when you throw in the wind chill!  Which, is why its super important to claim a dig-in driftwood shelter/fort to use as a wind-block - and then, low and behold, it's warm enough to lay out. 

Feeling very happy to be here!

See those three crazy girls in the distance in the waves?  Yeah, that's Mikayla, Nati, and Ellie.  Yup, not joining them.  As it was, I let Michele do a lot of the initial playing in the waves, though later on, I couldn't say "No" to Whitley.  She was addicted.

A future in marine biology?  She was pointing out the jelly fish and admonishing us all to "Be Careful" and "Not Touch".

We finally coerced her to chill out in our "fort".  She very much enjoyed crashing down every castle attempt Ellie made.  (Nati and Mikayla were busy down the beach terrorizing a crab they found...)

And, then, the WWF behavior began....  I'm not sure if Whitley was beating up on Ellie because she's challenging her "baby in the family" status or what.  But....well, the pictures speak for themselves.

Check out that Body-slam!

Pure, unadulterated aggression there!!!

And then, she ran out of steam.  Ellie could have gotten her revenge...but she's just too loving to stoop to that level.  

Sigh....what a GREAT DAY!  My soul needed it.  I think I'm refreshed and ready to take on this week.  And after sleeping almost the whole way home, I think Whitley will be ready to take me on with some of those moves tomorrow morning too.  ;)

Thank you for the awesome hospitality Schillings!  Love you all!!

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