Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On the Farm with Heather

A day on the lake - especially when I wasn't feeling up to par, was certainly not enough time catching up with Heather.  So, Tuesday, (after having seen Mom on Monday and feeling a million times better), we all took off for Detering Orchards.  

Had I known Heather had been there so often, we might have picked a different place, but I was limited on time, and it served its purpose just fine.

There weren't as many pygmie goats this time around to feed - and they were a little more interested in sleeping than eating.  But, we made some contact.

This girl refused to give us a cheesy grin.

In fact, she was full of poses - it was priceless.

This place has such a sweet, nostalgic feel.  

Check out that expression on Whitley's face as she tried to sport Heather's sunglasses...

Had to take a pic of this cart as it already had pumpkins and gourds.  Since I often decorate earlier than local stores sell their pumpkins, this was good to know!  

They also had a dance floor for special festivals they host on the weekend.  Heather took full advantage of it to spend some special time with her little Whitley.

Way to short of time spent together, but super sweet...