Saturday, August 09, 2014

Celebrating Whitley's Second Birthday

When Steph mentioned that she didn't plan on doing an "official party" for Whitley's birthday, we figured we better bring the party to her. 

Since the weekend prior to her birthday was a weekend the whole Schilling family was down, it was perfect to have us all there and watch her open the presents we picked out with her latest "preferences" in mind.  =)

But first, "let's play outside".  She had to show us her bubble machine and new kitchen, and lounge chairs....

We didn't get a lot of action shots on the presents opening.  Mostly, they were "Little People" sets as she loves to play with them and pretend.  (She has one representing each of the kids - her "Little Traig"and "Little Brayden" are the favorites... )

This final video was of her opening her final present.  I had been holding one in my closet since Heather's departure for Whitley's birthday - a special set of shoes to replace her grown-out-of "HK's" (Heather-Kenjon's) - Nike shoes.  It was so cute that Whitley got so excited about her "purple shoes". 

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