Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What to Blog About?

I'm lacking creativity lately. So, here's some random thoughts that I've been brewing over-

- Love, love, loving the weather lately. The blue skies are so energizing to me - I could handle the temps to be about 10 degrees warmer, but I am NOT complaining.

- I have officially hit the age where it is recommended to get a mammogram. My doctor likes to be on the cautionary side so she likes to send her patients in during their 35th year. Oh goodie...... I absolutely adore my doctor though, so it's great to be able to trust her judgment on all of these things.

- I am, by far, much healthier now than I was 10 years ago. Blood pressure, cholesterol, immunity, but, I was skinnier back then. I think I'll take the ten pounds if it means feeling better. (I went to my annual yesterday....)

- I was a bit shocked with tonite's American Idol- a lot of spirituality infused in it. It was really cool. I am very much enjoying this season and all of the contestants - they are quite diverse, very talented and have such charm and personality. Out of the 8 left, I'd be sincerely pleased if 7 of them ended up being the final choice.

- Today Bogey and Sydney whined about being left outside in the freezing morning temps, so I let them stay inside while I went to Bible Study and ran some errands. I returned to find red Nerf Football pieces all over the living room floor - dozens of them. Nice.... They also took care of the wild cheetah and lion that are a part of Mikayla's safari set. They must have seen them as a threat-

- This is better, however, than what Koda - the lab that we dogsit over spring break - did last week. I came home to find that she had crawled into our bedroom closet, gotten underneath a jacket, into a bag - and found the Peeps, Reeseter Egg, and Chocolate bunny - and left only the wrappers. That dog is crazy about food. (And, no, there were not any adverse effects from the chocolate).

Alright, I think that's enough randomness for one evening. Oh wait - one more thing - my son just volunteered to make dinner for us tomorrow evening - he has learned how to wrap a hot dog and a bun in a paper towel and microwave them - and wants to do that for us all. I'm glad I get the good quality beef hot dogs - but, I'm sure there's plenty of readers cringing at the idea. I think it's sweet.....


Colie said...

I am lacking creativity as well. The reason for the silent blog lately:-).

Also love the weather! It's suppose to turn soon and I am wishing for blue skys a little longer.

Mammogram -ugh! Good luck with that! Great job on the health! I think I would prefer the 10 pounds as well but its tough!

American Idol - sorry don't watch it. / Dogs - ugh

And finally, I think dinner will be fantastic! At least you know the meat will be cooked and not raw (since they are precooked:-)).

HollieHobbie said...

So was the one who was cut from AI your 8th that you didn't think could be a finalist? Since the top 12 I didn't like who was cut tonight. Not mentioning names just in case someone reads this blog before________is cut. haha
And way too cute about Brayden.

StephieAnne said...

I'm not a big fan of Ramiele or Syesha - nothing obnoxious about them , just like all of the others so much more

JustMe said...

Tyler is now master of the cheese least I know he won't starve to death in college, haha.

I only caught the end of Idol but was also moved at Brooke's comments. They seemed to sort of bring us all back to the place we should be - thankful for all we have and for "Jesus and Gravity."

StephieAnne said...

Well, of course I'm thankful for Jesus - but, I could use a little less gravity - particularly in that upper torso area.......