Monday, April 14, 2008

Hitting the Surf

Despite the shark sightings, we really did feel like it was safe to "step into the water". So, the second half of Sunday was spent traveling to "Sugar Beach" where the sand is "as fine as sugar" and playing in the waves on the boogey boards we rented. Interesting, when Mikayla got a little salt water in her mouth she complained saying, "It tastes like salt, Mommy said it would taste like sugar!" Too funny!

The first half of the day was spent laying out at the pool. The weather here is so kooky, in the morning, we had frequent showers which feels like you are standing under those misting jets at the produce department. By around 11, we got the direct sun rays and felt like we'd "finally arrived"!

On the way home, after eating at Moose McGillicuddy's in Kihe, John stopped and took some pictures of the view while Stephie taught the kids about a little war history from the sign at the beach. It was good we took frequent pitstops because John's digestive track was a little off, which had us all suffering in the car on the way home. Quote of the day from Brayden, "Daddy, for all that is good in the world would you stop tooting!" Amen to that one, buddy.

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