Saturday, April 26, 2008

From the Bookshelf: Chill Out, Josey!

TITLE: Chill Out, Josey!
AUTHOR: Susan May Warren
GENRE: Christian Chick-Lit
HERE'S MY THOUGHTS: I loved, loved, loved this book. I have spent all day consuming it as I just can't leave Josey without knowing how everything turned out. And, yes, there were a few tears as I finished it. This is the sequel to EVERYTHING'S COMING UP JOSEY which was one of the first chick-lit books I've read. I'm not usually a fan of first-person writing style, but this is a major exception. I'm a huge fan of this kind of chick-lit - particularly if the character is as lovable, relate-able and real as Josey is. I have a feeling Susan May Warren would be someone I would want as my best friend! Certainly read the first one, before this one - and good news for the rest of us, in August a third Josey book will be released!
INSIGHTS I'VE GAINED: God will often lead us into uncomfortable places so we'll depend solely on Him and not on our power, and marriage, particularly early on, can be very difficult!

I couldn't help putting up this book review as it was such a fun read. If you are looking for something light, encouraging, and laughable, check this one out!

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StephieAnne said...

Due to my love for this book I reviewed, and my desire to do little else than read all weekend (hey, the kids are so happy with each other, why not?) - I picked up WHAT A GIRL WANTS by Kristin Billerbeck. It's another chick-lit book and once again, it was a kick to read. Even better, it already has two sequels just begging me to purchase. Jodi, I think this book would really make you smile (or occasionally laugh out loud), I had so many thoughts about 20-30 Something at First B, and what happens when Christians in a group go out to eat and try to split the bill (the kind of deplorable witness we make to the waitresses) - it just cracked me up.

BTW - I posted a pic of the Schillings riding horses on the beach - what a gorgeous day for them, they had a fantastic time, I'm so glad......