Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shark Sighting!

Currently, Brayden and John are taking a stroll around the resort, Brayden told John "We may not get another chance at this until 2012 - so we better do it now!" It warms my heart that special alone time with Daddy is so important to him.

Earlier this evening, while seated by the window at Bubba Gump's restaurant, there was a bit of commotion, and before we knew it, we were all squinting and pointing toward the ocean trying to spot the tell-tale dorsal fin of a shark. It was a small shark, mind you, but obviously a shark nonetheless. I've got to credit Stephanie's incredibly perceptive skills as she continuously tracked that guy wherever he swam. It was pretty awesome and perhaps put Stephie over the edge to consider Maui a cooler vacation destination than Aruba (it's hard to beat the place you went for your honeymoon....)

As for myself, sinking my feet in the sand at Hula Grill (where we had lunch) with the chickadees picking around for any tourist treats, that was my favorite moment of the day. I really struggled the week before we came with anxieties about the weather, attitudes - and even the night before we left, while we were all in Portland, second-guessing whether the kids would be a big obstacle towards our experiencing a "tropical vacation". Once again, it totally comes back to expectations. My mind can take a scenario and turn it into such a disaster before it even comes close to becoming reality. And, that is, like I said in a previous post, such a joy-stealer. In reality, the kids have been phenomenal and the fun "third couple" to our trip, the weather really isn't that big of a deal and is getting better, and I'm doing my best to just soak in every minute of this adventure.

More pictures to come - John needs to download the several hundred he's already snapped on his camera.....but, for now, he's doing something MUCH more important.....

Believe it or not, this is the view from our room, taken first thing in the morning.... (and then a picture of the building in which you'd find our room)

And the kids - on the water slide at the main pool (the pool you see from our room is the "smaller" one)

At Hula Grill - we told Stephie we'd take her all the way to Maui to celebrate at our favorite restaurant ever for her 30th birthday.....=)

The "infamous" shark (I promise that's not driftwood....), and a few pics of the kids in Lahaina....


Colie said...

It's so wierd that I get to have a glimpse into your vacation! And you'll most likely read this and therefore I get to communicate with you on your vacation. It seems like only something a mother or a sister could do. I guess this is 2008! You can never excape!

It sounds like you are having fun and relaxing. Hope the weather is better soon!

HollieHobbie said...

So glad that you are having a great time! And hw fun that Steph and Travis are there with you! Enjoy the rest of your vaca!