Wednesday, April 09, 2008


That's been the theme of my life so far this week - and it is really stressing me out. Despite having had certain things packed for Hawaii for over a month (I've determined I am a much better packer if I start way early and just accumulate over time....), things still seem to be so piled on this week, I just can't seem to feel like I can catch a break.

Even doing something like this - writing a post - which is therapeutic for me, is stealing precious time from getting Mikayla and myself ready for school and Bible Study. But, frankly, I just want to sit for a moment - and eat breakfast - instead of continually going, going, going.

These are the joy stealers for me - the little things that rob the giddiness I was feeling earlier - the lack of sunshine here, the flash flood forecast for Maui (what's up with that?!), the washer that stops working, the runny nose I woke up with, the spills of maple syrup all over, the bad attitude of Brayden's, the ear-thumping episode for an hour last night, the $704 dental bill for the kids (that's not a small thing - and worthy of sucking joy from any circumstance). Throughout it all, I need to stop, recognize how blessed I am, and get over it - but, folks, sometimes it's just hard.

Once I hit noon today, the next two days are pretty much mine, and I think I can get ahead. We leave for Portland tomorrow at around 5, and the goal is to have everything packed, the house clean, and all cares abandoned by then. Let's see how successful I am!

P.S. - I rejoice for all of us that just as we leave the weather improves dramatically around here with temps supposed to hit the 70's for the weekend. Praise the Lord!


Anonymous said...

You should read for a true to life description of another stressed out mom packing for a trip (to Kenya).

This is hell week here at the accounting office; between soccer and baseball home is just a place I long to visit; my knee has responded to a walking program by keeping me awake at night rolling around crying with the pain; I totally get how you're feeling!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and Shanne just told me he's going to sell his house here in Albany so he and his girlfriend can buy a place in Salem and move in together (but the kids will love it, so I shouldn't worry too much about that whole "not being married" thing).

Great week!

StephieAnne said...

Oh, Heather, so sorry - Hope the weather change this weekend brings things brighter all around! Hang in there!